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Pennsylvania Cancer Incidence and Mortality Annual Report

Download the complete report: 2014 Annual Report (PDF). 
This report has 24 sections – an All Sites section plus 23 sections for each major cancer site. Multiple-year and trend statistics are featured in these sections, showing age-adjusted and age-specific rates. The number of cases and deaths by sex are also shown by county of residence for five major primary sites.
Pennsylvania Cancer Incidence and Mortality 

Table of Contents – 2014 Annual Report
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​Introduction (PDF)
Cancer Incidence and Mortality by Site
All Cancer Sites (PDF)
Oral Cavity and Pharynx (PDF)
Esophagus (PDF)
Stomach (PDF)
Colon and Rectum (PDF)
Liver and Intrahepatic Bile Duct (PDF)
Pancreas (PDF)
​Larynx (PDF)
Lung and Bronchus (PDF)
Melanoma of the Skin (PDF)
​Female Breast (PDF)
​Cervix Uteri (PDF)
Corpus and Uterus(PDF)
​Prostate (PDF)
Testis (PDF)
Urinary Bladder (PDF)
Kidney and Renal Pelvis (PDF)
Brain and Other Nervous System (PDF)
Thyroid (PDF)
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (PDF)
Hodgkin Lymphoma (PDF)
​Myeloma (PDF)
​Leukemia (PDF)
Additional Sections and Appendices
Technical Notes and References (PDF)
Appendices (PDF)
These data tables and graphs of cancer incidence and mortality statistics are for the state and the 67 Pennsylvania counties. These are all of the tables, graphs and narrative that appear in the annual cancer report, Pennsylvania Cancer Incidence and Mortality.
To access the entire report for past editions select a year (PDF)