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Cancer Facts and Figures for African-Americans, Pennsylvania 2014

This unique brochure contains projections for the number of cancer cases and deaths by sex and by major site (colorectal, breast, lung, etc.) for 2014. Inside, you will find the latest trend data for cases and deaths by sex and race. Additionally, Pennsylvania trends for African-Americans are compared to the United States trends based on the National Cancer Institute Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Result (SEER) Program. There are also discussions of stage data and behavioral risk factors.

Click on the section listed below that you would like to access.

  1. Cover and Introduction (PDF)
  2. Data Highlights (PDF)
  3. Cancer Rates: By Year, Race, and Site (PDF)
  4. Stage of Disease: All Cancers by Sex and Race (PDF)
  5. Pennsylvania and United States Cancer Incidence and Mortality Rates (PDF)
  6. 2014 Projected Cancer Cases and Deaths by Site and Sex (PDF)
  7. Behavioral Risk Factors (PDF)
  8. Technical Notes and References (PDF)

Download the complete brochure Cancer Facts and Figures for African-Americans (PDF).

The Bureau of Health Statistics and Research was inspired to generate this report by the American Cancer Society's publication Cancer Facts and Figures for African Americans. Although the basic concepts were similar, this report focuses on Pennsylvania cancer statistics in more detail. In particular, race disparities were identified by the type of cancer, stage at the time of diagnosis, and behavioral risk factors. Please visit the American Cancer Society's Cancer Facts and Figures for additional information on preventing and fighting cancer.