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Nursing Home Reports

Data found in the reports listed below were obtained from the annual Long Term Care Facility surveys. Click "Show +" to expand a section, and "Hide -" to collapse it. To open a specific report or file, select the desired year and click the "Submit" button.

A Nursing Home Geographic Information Systems (GIS) layer is created each year and available for download as a shapefile, or which can be added to a map as a map service (ArcMap, Google Earth, WMS) from the Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) website.

Attention data users: Due to a shift in survey administration and reporting, our Nursing Home data and reports changed from calendar year to fiscal year periods. The 2014 Nursing Home Reports were the last based on calendar year. The first fiscal year reports are for 2015-2016.

Starting with 2016-2017, reports are in Excel format. Users that do not have Excel available may download Microsoft's free Excel Viewer.

Individual Reports Show +
  • 1: Utilization Data - Includes the following data items: licensed beds, patient days by method of payment (Medicare, Medicaid, VA, self-pay, private insurance, total, and other), bed days available and occupancy rates. Note that private insurance becomes available beginning with the 1997 reports.
  • 2: Private daily charges and per diem reimbursement rates - Includes the following data items: private daily charges (private room, semi-private room, 4-bed room, and other room) and reimbursement rates (Medicare, Medicaid, VA, private insurance, and other). Note that 4-bed room daily charge is deleted beginning in 1997 and private insurance rate becomes available beginning on 1997 reports.
  • 3: Selected data by facility - Includes the following data items: State ID number, type of ownership, licensed beds, set up and staffed beds, Medicare and Medicaid certified beds, admissions, discharges, deaths, discharge days, average length of stay, male and female census, and residential/independent capacity. Note that State ID number, male and female census, and residential/independent capacity are deleted from the report beginning in 1997.
  • 4: Payroll - Twenty-three categories of full-time and part-time personnel on payroll.
  • 5: Resident census - Male and female resident census by age group.
Full Reports Show +
  • View the current full report and archived Nursing Home Reports.
Source Files Show +
  • View the record level data for each Nursing Home Report. The files are in fixed-width format.
  • View the record format for the given reporting periods.