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Health Statistics

Use the links below to easily and quickly access specific health statistics or access EDDIE, our interactive data dissemination web tool.
​Major Reports

Birth ▪ Death ▪ Maternal & Child Health ▪ Marriage ▪ Divorce ▪ Abortion

Birth Tables
Death Tables
▪​Vital Statistics
County Profiles
Maternal & Child Health

Hospitals ▪ Nursing Homes ▪ Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Nursing Homes
Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Incidence ▪ Mortality

Cancer Tables
County Analysis
​Cancer Incidence & Mortality
Cancer Facts & Figures
Cancer Brochures

BRFSS(PA) ▪ Injury ▪ Tobacco ▪ Drug & Alcohol

▪​Adult Behavioral Risks
Injury Statistics
Tobacco Statistics


​▪State Dataset
County Dataset
Data Sources

hiv/aids ▪ stdS ▪ TUBERCULOSIS

​▪HIV/AIDS Surveillance

Adult Behavioral Health Risks ▪ Cancer ▪ Hospitalizations ▪ Mortality

▪Adult Behavioral Health Risks
​▪Cancer Incidence

Asthma ▪ Diabetes ▪ Health Workforce ▪ Managed Care 

​▪Asthma Burden
Diabetes Burden
Health Workforce