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What's New in PA Health Stats

EDDIE Tutorial Videos and Feedback Survey

A new tutorial video has been prepared to walk users through the creation of a chart in EDDIE. This is now the third video in our EDDIE tutorial library; the other two being for how to create a table and a map. Users are welcome to provide feedback on EDDIE and the videos on our short feedback survey.

Posted May 19, 2017


Health E-Stats Will No Longer Be Sent

Health e-Stats was an email-based notice sent to subscribers informing them of recent changes or updates to our Health Statistics Web pages. As this process was recently replaced by the What’s New in PA Health Stats updates, the email notices will no longer be sent. Users should find the What’s New updates to be a more timely and efficient full replacement of the Health e-Stats notices.

Posted May 19, 2017


2016 ASC Reports Now Available

The 2016 Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) reports are now available. These facility level reports provide information on utilization, medical staff and personnel. Please note that due to a shift in survey administration and reporting, our ASC data and reports changed from fiscal year to calendar year periods. The 2014-2015 ASC reports were the last based on fiscal year. The first calendar year reports are for 2016. Starting with 2016, reports are in Excel format. Users that do not have Excel available may download Microsoft's free Excel Viewer.

Posted May 18, 2017


EDDIE Updates

We have made several updates to EDDIE. The birth defects dataset now includes information for congenital diaphragmatic hernia, cyanotic congenital heart disease, limb reduction defect, and omphalocele. We also have chart modules available for six new datasets, bringing the total count to fifteen datasets with that visualization.

Posted May 11, 2017


Family Health Statistics Report Updated

The Family Health Statistics for Pennsylvania and Counties report has been updated with data for 2010-2014. This report shows state trends and county-level statistics for tracking progress in meeting Healthy People objectives related to family health.

Posted May 8, 2017


Cancer Facts and Figures, Pennsylvania, 2017

We have released the 2017 Cancer Facts and Figures for Pennsylvania. This is our annual brochure of cancer statistics and information, including projections for the current year and comparisons of Pennsylvania incidence and mortality rates to those of the United States.

Posted April 27, 2017



Healthy People 2020 (HP2020) is a set of goals and objectives with 10-year targets designed to guide national health promotion and disease prevention efforts to improve the health of all Americans. Data in our Pennsylvania HP2020 state and county reports was just updated.

Posted April 18, 2017



Our birth first name reports have been updated for 2015. This includes our two interactive lookup tools for boys’ and girls’ names for 1990-2015. We also have a table listing name counts for males and females in order of frequency for each year, now including 2015.

Posted April 17, 2017


Charts now available in EDDIE

Our online self-service data tool, EDDIE, now includes charts! These newest visualizations are available for nine of EDDIE’s datasets with new releases added regularly. Settings will allow users to make vertical bar and trend line charts.  EDDIE homepage

Posted April 7, 2017


Birth Defects Dataset Updated in EDDIE

The Birth Defects dataset has been updated in EDDIE. This dataset now includes Table, Chart, and Map modules for five-year aggregate data through 2011-2015. We also made some revisions to the layout of the birth defect list menu.

Posted April 5, 2017


2015 Birth Statistics Now Available

The 2015 birth statistics are now available on the health statistics website. The dataset is available in EDDIE with county/state tables and maps and municipality-level tables. The birth statistics annual reports include a large volume of the latest available and historical state, county and municipality data by age, race/ethnicity and various birth-related topics.

Posted March 30, 2017


Maternal Death Report - 2014

This annual report displaying maternal death statistics for the state is now available.  Maternal Death Report - 2014

Posted March 27, 2017


Pennsylvania Cancer Incidence and Mortality - 2014 Executive Summary

The 2014 Executive Summary of the Pennsylvania Cancer Incidence and Mortality report is now posted to our website. This report includes single year cancer statistics summarized for incidence and mortality including frequency counts and age-adjusted rates. Visit the Cancer Statistics page to find out more.

Posted February 27, 2017


2016 Synar Report

The 2016 Synar Report is now posted to our website. It is an annual survey that consists of random, unannounced inspections of cigarette selling outlets to produce an estimate of the rate that outlets sell cigarettes to minors. Visit the Synar Survey page to find out more.

Posted February 27, 2017


Communicable Diseases dataset updated in EDDIE

2015 statistics were added to the Communicable Diseases dataset in EDDIE. Cryptosporidiosis statistics for 2012 through 2014 were also updated.

Posted February 8, 2017


2015-2016 Nursing Home Reports

The 2015-2016 update to our annual Nursing Home Reports is now available. Data found in the reports were obtained from the annual Long Term Care Facility surveys. Users should be aware that due to a shift in survey administration and reporting, our nursing home data and reports changed from calendar year to fiscal year periods. The 2014 reports were the last based on calendar year. The first fiscal year reports are these for 2015-2016.

Posted January 23, 2017


Maps now available in EDDIE

Our online self-service data tool, EDDIE, now includes maps! These county-level visualizations are available for more than a dozen of EDDIE's datasets. Map settings will allow users to custom make their maps. A tutorial video has also been prepared to walk new users through the creation of a map. EDDIE homepage EDDIE tutorial videos

Posted January 18, 2017


New statistics added to Births dataset in EDDIE

Three new statistics were added to the Births dataset in EDDIE, including: percent very low birth weight, percent very preterm birth, and sex ratio at birth. Check them out on EDDIE under the Births category.

Posted January 11, 2017


Birth and Death Projections for 2017

DOH now provides projection statistics on its Health Statistics website. New projections through 2017 for the number of births and deaths in Pennsylvania and its counties are now available via data visualizations, including tables, charts and maps.  Birth Projections  Death Projections

Posted January 11, 2017


Pennsylvania Vital Statistics - 2014

Annual report of births, deaths, abortion, reported pregnancy and population statistics for the state, counties and major municipalities. Each year this report contains over 200 pages of statistics, charts and maps. This update includes all 2014 data. Pennsylvania Vital Statistics: 2014

Posted December 20, 2016


Childhood Cancer Incidence dataset released

A new dataset was recently launched on EDDIE that focuses on childhood cancer incidence. The data can be used to plan and evaluate cancer control measures in risk assessment, prevention, early detection, patient care, public and professional education, and clinical research. Visit EDDIE and look for the Childhood Cancer Incidence dataset.

Posted December 16, 2016


2016 County Health Profiles

A series of 68 individual statistical reports - one for each county and one for the state. Numerous statistics are shown for various health-related subject areas. This is the 2016 annual release of the report. 2016 County Health Profiles

Posted December 9, 2016


Maternal and Child Health Status Indicators - 2014

Includes 29 reports (for 28 select municipalities and PA) with statistics on birth data, deaths among youth, and infant deaths; now updated with 2014 data. Maternal and Child Health Status Indicators, Pennsylvania and Major Municipalities: 2014

Posted December 5, 2016